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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2" Color Filter, Clear

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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2" Color Filter, Clear:

CLEAR SNAP: Use together with gel and dichroic filters for total color freedom. Produce the exact mood and effect for any environment with the Clear SNAP accessory, Clear Snap are sold in quantities of ten. 


Diameter: 50.0 mm

Thickness: 2 mm

Magnetic Attach Force: 0.45 lb-F

Part Number   Product Code Lumen Transmissivity  (1 Snap) Lumen Transmissivity  (2 Snaps)
AC-CL-0000-00-S1 02183 93% 87%



The SNAP SYSTEM accessories Small (2") are compatible with the lamps and Optical Light Engines outlined below. The SNAP SYSTEM are only compatible with SORAA Narrow Spot lamps and Optical Light Engines. See each accessory data for exact diameter.

Small (2")
OLE/C 16