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[China] ALP5075-C Aluminium Profile Accessories x20Pcs

[China] ALP5075-C Aluminium Profile Accessories x20Pcs


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For the matching Aluminium Profile ALP5075-C.

Ships from China and lead time 2-3 weeks based on quantity.

1. End Cap for ALP5075-C

EC5075C /price per pair 

2. L type connector for ALP5075-C

C5075C-L/price per set

3. T shape connector for ALP5075-C

C5075C-T/price per set

4. X shape connector for ALP5075-C

C5075C-X/ price per set

5.Outside Clip for ALP5075-C

OC5075C/price per piece

6.Safety Wire for ALP5075-C

SW-ALP5075-C/price per piece

7.Linear Connector for ALP5075-C

C5075-180-C/price per set

8. L shape connector for ALP5075-C

C5075-90-C/price per set

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