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Eaton and the community

As a key initiative for the Eaton Doncaster site, dedication and encouragement has enabled the site to raise over £18,000 since 2014 for charities and the local community.

Building a network with the local community is a high priority for the Eaton Doncaster site through connections with local schools, colleges and universities to inspire the next generation. From visiting the site and providing inspirational days such as ‘Women in Engineering Day’ and ‘Eaton Games’, each link encourages the community of Eaton’s presence and commitment to engagement, inclusion and diversity.

An essential community link for the Doncaster site started in September 2013, with a local school for disabled young people. Four years on, Eaton continues to embrace the connection, supporting the school to provide the best care through tremendous charitable efforts and experience days.

In the future, Eaton looks forward to building these and other partnerships to create a better, stronger tomorrow.