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EATON PFIM-40/2/03-MW 2Pole Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)

EATON PFIM-40/2/03-MW 2Pole Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)


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Technical Details


Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB), 40A, 2p, 300mA, type AC
Residual current circuit-breaker PFIM, 2 pole, Rated current In: 40 A, Rated short-circuit strength Icn: 10 kA, Rated fault current IΔN: 0.3 A, Type AC, AC current sensitive, Partly surge-proof 250 A, Switchgear for residential and commercial applications

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Basic function
Residual current circuit-breakers
Number of poles
2 pole
Residual current circuit-breaker for residential and commercial applications
Rated current [In]
40 A
Rated short-circuit strength [Icn]
10 kA
Rated fault current [IΔN]
0.3 A
Type AC
non-delayed s…
Product range
AC current sensitive
Impulse withstand current
Partly surge-proof 250 A

Technical data


IEC/EN 61008
Rated operational voltage [Ue][Ue]Rated operating voltage [Ue]
230 V AC
Rated frequency [f]
50 Hz
Limit values of the operating voltageTest circuit
196 - 264 V AC
AC current sensitive
Rated insulation voltage [Ui]
440 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]
4 kV
Rated short-circuit strength [Icn]
10 kA
Rated making and breaking capacity / Rated residual making and breaking capacity [Im/ IΔm]
500 A
lifespanElectrical [Operations]
≧ 4000
lifespanMechanical [Operations]
≧ 20000

Auxiliary switch for subsequent installation
Z-HK 248432
Tripping signal contact for subsequent installation
Z-NHK 248434
Remote control and automatic switching device
Z-FW/LP 248296
Compact enclosure
KLV-TC-2 276240
Sealing cover set
Z-RC/AK-2MU 285385

Standard front dimension
45 mm
Device height
80 mm
Built-in width
35 (2TE) mm
Quick attachment with 2 latch positions for DIN-rail IEC/EN 60715
Degree of Protection
IP20, IP40 with a suitable enclosure
Terminals top and bottom
Open mouthed/lift terminals
Terminal protection
DGUV VS3, EN 50274
Terminal cross-sectionSolid
1.5 - 35 mm2
Terminal cross-sectionStranded
2 x 16 mm2
Thickness of busbar material
0.8 - 2 mm
Permissible storage and transport temperatures
-35 - +60 °C
Climatic proofing
25-55°C/90-95% relative humidity according to IEC 60068-2
Thickness of busbar materialMaterial thickness
0.8 - 2 mm
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