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Vossloh Schwabe NaHJ 150.355 150W Ballasts For Discharge Lamps

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For datasheet click here.

For datasheet click here.

Ballasts with Thermal Cut-out for HS and HI Lamps 35 to 150 W

Shape: 53x66 mm

For high-pressure sodium lamps (HS), metal halide lamps (HI) and ceramic discharge lamps (C-HI) Vacuum-impregnated with polyester resin With VS-patented, intelligent temperature switch with automatic reset (evaluates the temperature and current of the ballast) Protection class I tw 130 Ballasts for pulse ignition system on request.

Technical Details:
 Output W 150W
Type NaHJ 150.355
Type  HS, HI
Current A  1.8
Ref. No 539270
Voltage AC 50,60 Hz  220,50
a mm 145 mm
b mm 120 mm
c mm 75 mm
Weight 2.02 kg
Δt K 65
Power factor λ 0.39
Energy Efficiency EEI=A3
CP µF 20
IN A 0.80