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VOSSLOH-SCHWABE LED 24V Constant Voltage Drivers

VOSSLOH-SCHWABE LED 24V Constant Voltage Drivers

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LED Constantvoltage
24 V / max. 30 W/60W/75W/120W

These compact LED constant-voltage drivers
are designed for use in applications with
low capacity range of up to 30 W.
Electronic characteristics
Power factor at full load: > 0.9 C
Connection details
Mains voltage: 220–240 V ±10 %
Mains frequency: 50–60 Hz
Screw terminals: 0.5–1.5 mm²
Safety features
Electronic short-circuit protection
Overload protection: reversible
Protection against "no load" operation
Degree of proteciton: IP20
Protection class II
Product guarantee: 3 years

Type                                                  :EDXe 130/24.057/EDXe 160/24.058/EDXe 175/24.059/EDXe 1120/24.060
Ref. No.                                             :186624/186625/186626/186627
Mains Voltage 50–60 Hz V                :220–240
Mains  Current mA                             :160–140/320–280/385–345/700–540
Voltage Output DC V                         :24 ±1.2/24 ±0.72
current output DC mA                        :0–1.25/0–2.50/0–3.125/0–5
Efficiency at full load % (230 V) V      :85/87/88
Ambient temperature ta °C                 :–15 to 45/-20 to 45
Casing temperature tc °C                    :80/85/90
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