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Vossloh Schwabe ELXs 121.901 220-240V Non Dim Electronic Ballast

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Electronic ballast for compact fluorescent lamps and T5 lamps.

Ballasts, electronic ELXs 121.901 1x13 21W TC DEL/ TEL T5 Vossloh Schwabe 188663 8712251072898

Electronic built-in ballast
Casing: heat-resistant polyamide
Power factor: approx. 0.6 (depending on the lamp output)
DC voltage operation: 198–264V
Push-in terminals with push-button: 0.5–1.5 mm2
For luminaires of protection class I and II
Degree of protection: IP20
Fixing slots for screws M4
For lighting systems with high switching frequency (andgt; 5/day)
EOL shut down approved acc. to EN 61347 Test 2

Lamp type: TC-DEL/-TEL, T5
Output [W]: 13, 18 for compact fluorescent lamps TC-DEL/-TEL (G24q-1/GX24q-1, G24q-2/GX24q-2)
Output [W]: 14, 21 for T5 lamps (G5)
Lamp number: 1
Voltage AC [V]: 220-240
Frequency [Hz]: 50-60
Ambient temperature (°C) -15 to 55