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VENAS A Series LED Explosion Proof Flood Light 5000K

VENAS A Series LED Explosion Proof Flood Light 5000K


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Beam Angle

 Lead time 2-3 weeks.

Technical Details:



 Upon Request 2200K,3000K,4000K,6000K and 7000K available.

Atex/IECEx:Zone 1& 2/Zone 21& 22

 ** Mounting Bracket included**

Standard Materials:

* Housing: Copper-free aluminum

* Lens: Tempered glass

* Hardware: Stainless steel Mounting

* Bracket: Stainless steel

Key Features:

* Dimmable and battery backup function is available

* High-quality SMT LED and Meanwell driver.

* Heavy-duty and high impact resistance.

* Replaceable LED board and drivers.

* Integrated junction box for driver.

* Marine rating powder coated finish treatment.

* Various installation ways for different applications.

* Glass lens or polycarbonate lens for making different beam angles.

* 5-year warranty

* Low temperature applications to -40°C (-40°F) and high temperature up to 50°C (122°F).


   Product Category    Product code Wattage Beam Angle (Degree) Size(inch) Lumens
4000K - 5000K
A Series EX-20W A2XYZA 20W 40°,60°,90°,120° 10.2"x6.3"x8.1" 2800
EX-40W A2XYZA 40W 40°,60°,90°,120° 10.2"x6.3"x8.1" 5600
EX-60W A2XYZA 60W 40°,60°,90°,120° 10.2"x6.3"x8.1" 8400
EX-80W AXYZA 80W 40°,60°,90°,120° 12.5"x9.45"x6.5" 11200
EX-100W AXYZA 100W 40°,60°,90°,120° 12.5"x9.45"x6.5" 14000
EX-120W A3XYZA 120W 40°,60°,90°,120° 14.9"x9.1"x10.6" 16800
EX-150W A3XYZA 150W 40°,60°,90°,120° 14.9"x9.1"x10.6" 21000
EX-200W A3XYZA 200W 40°,60°,90°,120° 14.9"x9.1"x10.6" 28000
EX-250W A4XYZA 250W 40°,60°,90°,120° 16.6"x11.8"x8.3" 35000
EX300W A4XYZA 300W 40°,60°,90°,120° 16.6"x11.8"x8.3" 42000
EX-400W A4XYZA 400W 40°,60°,90°,120° 16.6"x11.8"x8.3" 56000


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