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VENAS WKC Explosion-proof Rechargeable LED Lantern

VENAS WKC Explosion-proof Rechargeable LED Lantern


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Lead time 2-3 weeks.

Technical Details:



Atex/IECEx: Zone 1&2/Zone 21&22

Technical Data:

* Lifespan of light source is more than 25,000 hours

* Relative humidity (RH): ≤90RH(AT @ 25℃)

* Light duration up to 7 hours (working light) or 3 hours (strong light) from a single charge

* Recharge time: 24 hours.

* LED chip: 3030/5050.

* Quantity of LED chips: 54(WKC1); 3(WKC2))

* Irradiation distance: 30 Meters.

* Drop height of protection: 2 Meters


   Product Category    Product code Wattage Size(inch) Lumens
4000K - 5000K
WKC Series EX-10W-WKC1YZDA 10W 10.2"x9.8"x5.5" AC100-277V
EX-10W-WKC2YZDA 10W 10.2"x9.8"x5.5" AC100-277V

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