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[USA] Tom Dixon Etch Multipoint Pendant

[USA] Tom Dixon Etch Multipoint Pendant


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Etch is a digitally manufactured pendant inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. Made by employing an industrial process used to produce electronic products, such as circuit boards. The detailed designs are first photo-etched on to metal sheets. Then all unexposed areas are dissolved with acid, creating intricate patterns cut into the metal. Etch Shade Pendants allow light to gently filter through and cast intricate shadows.The Etch Multipoint Pendant system allows the creation of luminous clusters within a single, self-contained unit. Concealing unsightly wiring within the suspension cables, each system includes a round multipoint canopy in a white powder coated finish. Pendants are offered in brass, stainless steel, and copper plated anodized aluminum. Canopy is constructed of steel. UL listed. Note: Canopy requires a skilled electrician for installation, see instructions for details.

In its 15 years, London-based Tom Dixon has become known for its inspired (and inspiring) lighting and furniture designs. Their innovative spirit is rooted in the modern application of industrial processes and materials-notably, copper and brass. From unique pendants to glamorous furniture and beyond, Tom Dixon brings a unique and rebellious design sense to every corner of a space.

  • Design/Year: Tom Dixon/2014
  • Field-cuttable suspension cord suppled to adjust each pendant
  • Manufactured In: UK
  • Ratings:
  • Location Rating: UL Listed
  • Specifications:
  • Lacquered brass, stainless steel and aluminum shades
  • Canopy Shape: Round

  • Options:
  • Number of Lights: 6
  • Dimensions:
  • 6 Light Cable: L 98.4 in
  • 6 Light Canopy: H 3.15 in , Dia 24.8 in
  • 6 Light Fixture: H 12.6 in , Dia 37.8 in
  • 6 Light Suspension: L 111 in
  • Model(s):

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