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SORAA SNAP System - 40° Cutoff Small Louver

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Eliminates high angle glare, making light beams disappear in downlight applications.

Diameter: 51.1 mm

Thickness: 9.0 mm

Magnetic Attach Force: 0.45 lb-F

Reduces angular intensity to 0.1% of peak at 40° full angle.

Fits around lamp face.

Can be used in combination with gimbal ring fixtures. 

LOUVERS SMALL   Model # Code Diameter Thickness
40° Cutoff Louver   AC-LU-4040-00-S1 00339 51.1mm 9mm



The SNAP SYSTEM accessories Large (for 4" lamps) are compatible with the lamps and Optical Light Engines outlined below. The SNAP SYSTEM are only compatible with SORAA Narrow Spot Lamps and Optical Light Engines. See each accessory data for exact diameter.

Large (3.3")
OLE/C 30