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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2"Aimable (Pair)

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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2"Aimable (Pair):

AIM SNAP: Designed with two lenses the Aim Snap bends the beam from 0 degree to maximum deflection angle of 20 degrees, while maintaining uniform and consistent color and shape.

Part Number Product Code Lumen Transmission Beam Angle  Max Deflection
AC-AM-0020-00-S1 03255 85% 13° 20°


Suggested method of use: Use the orientation lines to adjust beam deflection angle.



The SNAP SYSTEM accessories Small (2") are compatible with the lamps and Optical Light Engines outlined below. The SNAP SYSTEM are only compatible with SORAA Narrow Spot lamps and Optical Light Engines. See each accessory data for exact diameter.

Small (2")
OLE/C 16