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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2" Color Enhancer

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SORAA SNAP Lens - 2" Color Enhancer:

ENHANCE:  Enhance is a unique color-enhancing filter. Designed to modify the spectrum of Soraa Vivid lamps, it increases the vividness of warm colors (including red, orange and pink colors) as well as greens. In applications where a more colorful setting is sought, Enhance lets the richness of colors stand out even more.


Diameter: 50.0 mm

Thickness: 2 mm

Magnetic Attach Force:  0.20 lb-F

Part Number   Product Code  Lumen Transmissivity Whiteness
AC-EN-0001-00-S1  03281 75% 130%



The SNAP SYSTEM accessories Small (2") are compatible with the lamps and Optical Light Engines outlined below. The SNAP SYSTEM are only compatible with SORAA Narrow Spot lamps and Optical Light Engines. See each accessory data for exact diameter.  

Small (2")
OLE/C 16