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SIMES BURIED UPLIGHT(IP67) with Pre-Cast Box |

SIMES BURIED UPLIGHT(IP67) with Pre-Cast Box |


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MODEL: S4899



Inground walk over fitting .
Recessing depth 105 mm
IP rating IP 67
Wattage: 1.5W
Size: 85mm


"Copper Free" Aluminium die cast housing in EN AB 44100 with high resistance against corrosion.
Stone wash surface treatment prior to painting process.
2 mm thick front trim in alluminio .
A4 grade Stainless Steel screws with 2,5-3% molybdenum content which increases the resistance against corrosion. Pre treated Silicone Gaskets.

Painting Process : 3 Step Process

1) Surface treatment with BONDERITE . A heavy metal free chemical surface treatment containing ceramic nano particles giving a cohesive, inorganic and highly dense protective coating .

2) PRE POLYMERIZATION a process of introducing an epoxy primer with excellent characteristics to the paint which also offers very high resistance to oxidation due to its Zinc content.

3) POLYMERIZATION a process with the application of polyester powder with high resistance against UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Improved protection for Marine applications.

Mechanical resistance of glass IK 08

Maximum load capacity 1000 Kg


Toughened semiacid-etched glass 8mm thick.
Lamp fixed position.
LOR 62%



Surface temperature of glass 75°C (Ta 15°C)


Polypropylene recessing box with cable entry on all 4 sides also allows:

1) Easy wiring
2) Cable management for IP67 fast connector;
3) Easy access to the fitting for maintenance purposes.


Supply cable section type HO7RN-F secured and sealed with B component epoxy resin, wired internally protected by silicon sheaths.
Fast connector M20 (Ø 6÷12 mm) IP67 supplied as standard for single cable connection .
Connector housed inside the recessing box .
Front re-lamping without removing the complete fitting .
Isolation: CLASS III .
Available colours: ALUMINIUM GREY (cod.14)
Weight: 0.8 Kg
Glow Wire test: 960°C
Lamp included.
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