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Schneider Wiser Window/Door Sensor

Schneider Wiser Window/Door Sensor


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The Wiser window/door sensor detects the status of windows and doors and sends this information to the gateway. It's a battery driven unit which helps to increase the safety in your home. It also helps to safe energy in combination with temperature control devices The information of the Window/door sensor can be used as a trigger for "Automations" or "Moments". The battery liftetime is minimum 5 years. A battery low warning is sent out, if the battery capacity will be less than 10%. Easy installation - the sensor can be either screwed or glued on the window or door frame.


range compatibility Wiser hub
range Wiser
product or component type Window/door contact
colour tint White
supply Battery3 V / CR2450
device application Security
battery life 5 year(s)
communication port protocol Zigbee at 2.4 GHz conforming to IEEE 802.15.4
device composition Sensor 50 mm x 33 mm x 16.3 mm
magnet 50 mm x 9 mm x 9 mm
alive signal 48/day
magnet gap < 18 mm on wood and plastic surface
< 10 mm on metallic surface
type of operator Trigger action wood opening contact 32 mm
Trigger action wood closing contact 30 mm
Trigger action metal opening contact 20 mm
Trigger action metal closing contact 18 mm
local signalling 1 orange LED blinking , function: battery needs replacing
LED, function: programming indication
standards IEC 60669-2-5
EN 60669-2-5
product certifications CE
Zigbee 3.0
market segment Residential
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