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Schneider Wiser 1 Gang micro module switch

Schneider Wiser 1 Gang micro module switch

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Wiser offers intelligent integration of home control devices and provides an enriching smart home journey thanks to Wiser by SE app. The Wiser 1 Gang Micro Module Switch is used to switch the ohmic, inductive or capacitive loads. The module is actuated through the Wiser by SE app or connected mechanical switch. It supports multiple load types such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED, compact fluorescent lamps, and motorized loads. The connection terminals of this switch are screw terminals. The associated fuse rating is 16. This device has a LED, taking your comfort further by guiding you through in the dark. Its cable length is 50 meters. It is compatible with the Wiser range. The rated operational voltage of this device is 220 up to 240V. The IP rating of this device is IP20. It well satisfies the CE, EN 60669-2-5, IEC 60669-2-5 standard. It is 43 mm in width, 43 mm in height and 22 mm in depth. This Wiser 1 gang micro module switch is SVHC (substances of very high concern) and mercury free.


product brand Schneider Electric
range Wiser
product name Wiser Micro module switch
product or component type Switch
load type Incandescent lamp
Halogen lamp
Fluorescent lamp
LED lamp
range compatibility Wiser
Wiser ZB/IP gateway
colour tint Dark grey
load type Incandescent lamp: 2200 W at 230 V AC
Halogen lamp: 2000 W at 230 V AC
Motor: 1000 VA at 230 V AC
LV halogen lamps: 1050 VA at 12 V AC (electronic transformer)
LV halogen lamps: 500 VA at 12 V AC (wound transformer)
LED lamp: 100 W at 230 V AC
Compact fluorescent lamp: 100 W at 230 V AC
[Ue] rated operational voltage 220...240 V 50/60 Hz
standby consumption 0.3 W
associated fuse rating 16 A
local signalling Programming indication: LED (green, orange and red)
communication network type Radio frequency mesh conforming to IEEE 802.15.4
connected auxiliaries Maximum 10 auxiliary push-buttons
Cable length 50 m
wiring configuration With neutral
connections - terminals Screw terminals
clamping connection capacity 1.5...2.5 mm² for solid cable(s)
1.5...2.5 mm² for solid stranded cable(s)
mounting support Wall box
embedding depth 22 mm
width 43 mm
Height 43 mm
















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