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Schneider Twin Gang SCV TV/FM Outlet (CS-2004A)

Schneider Twin Gang SCV TV/FM Outlet (CS-2004A)


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Schneider Twin Gang SCV TV/FM Outlet (CS-2004A):


Range of product                                                                 Vivace
Device short name                                                               KBT30
Product or component type                                                  TV/FM socket
Device presentation                                                             Complete mechanism
Number of gangs                                                                 1 gang
Number of outputs                                                                      2
Cover frame colour tint                                                       White 
Material                                                                                Polycarbonate (grid plate)
Polycarbonate (surround)  
Projecting depth                                                                  8 mm
Device mounting                                                                  Flush
Mounting support                                                                 Wall mounted
Fixing mode                                                                         By screw M3.5
Fixing center                                                                        120.6 mm
Embedding depth                                                                 >= 35 mm
Tightening torque                                                                 0.4 N.m
Width                                                                                    146 mm
Height                                                                             86 mm
Ambient air temperature for operation                                 -5...40 °C
Relative humidity                                                                 0...95 %
Environmental characteristic                                               Indoor use 


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