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PHILIPS Master LED PAR30 E27 927 LED Spotlight Bulb

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For the 9W PAR30 datasheet click here.

Enhance the beauty of your home decor by installing this powerful LED Spotlight bulb from PHILIPS. MASTER LED SPOT D 9-70W E27 LED  / MAS LEDspot D 12-100W E27 927 PAR30S 25D bulb can be used both indoor and out door and is long lasting, hence doesn't require frequent change of bulb, also making it pocket friendly.

General Information

E27  [ E27]
Nominal Lifetime (Nom)
25000 h
Switching Cycle
Technical Type
9-70W / 12-100W
Light Technical
Color Code
Beam Angle (Nom)
25 °
Luminous Flux (Nom)
630 lm  / 1000 Lm
Luminous Flux (Rated) (Nom)
630 lm / 1000 Lm
Luminous Intensity (Nom)
3000 cd /xx
Color Designation
Warm White (WW)
Rated Beam Angle
25 °
Correlated Color Temperature (Nom)
2700 K
Luminous Efficacy (rated) (Nom)
66.32 lm/W
Color Consistency
Color Rendering Index (Nom)
LLMF At End Of Nominal Lifetime (Nom)
70 %
Operating and Electrical
Input Frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Power (Rated) (Nom)
9 W /12W
Lamp Current (Nom)
48 mA /xx
Wattage Equivalent
70 W /100W
Starting Time (Nom)
0.5 s
Warm Up Time to 60% Light (Nom)
0.5 s
Power Factor (Nom)
Voltage (Nom)
220-240 V
Controls and Dimming
Approval and Application
Suitable For Accent Lighting
Energy Efficiency Label (EEL)
Energy Consumption kWh/1000 h
9 kWh