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PHILIPS Master Dimtone GU10 x10PCs, Philips LED DownLight

PHILIPS Master Dimtone GU10 x10PCs, Philips LED DownLight

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PHILIPS MASTER DIMTONE GU10 is an amazing and classic product which looks very stylish and the item compliments any lighting fixture in your home. The product gives warm white colored light and the light can also be dimmable.

General Information

GU10  [ GU10]
Nominal Lifetime (Nom)
25000 h
Switching Cycle
Technical Type
Light Technical
Color Code
922-927  [ CCT of 2200K-2700K]
Beam Angle (Nom)
36 °
Luminous Flux (Nom)
355 lm
Luminous Flux (Rated) (Nom)
355 lm
Luminous Intensity (Nom)
650 cd
Color Designation
Warm White (WW)
Rated Beam Angle
36 °
Correlated Color Temperature (Nom)
2200-2700 K
Luminous Efficacy (Rated) (Nom)
80.61 lm/W
Color Consistency
Color Rendering Index (Nom)
LLMF At End Of Nominal Lifetime (Nom)
70 %
Luminous Flux in 90° Cone (Rated)
355 lm
Operating and Electrical
Input Frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Power (Rated) (Nom)
4.9 W
Lamp Current (Nom)
27 mA
Wattage Equivalent
50 W
Starting Time (Nom)
0.5 s
Warm Up Time to 60% Light (Nom)
0.5 s
Power Factor (Nom)
Voltage (Nom)
220-240 V
T-Case Maximum (Nom)
80 °C
Controls and Dimming
Approval and Application
Suitable For Accent Lighting
Energy Efficiency Label (EEL)
Energy Consumption kWh/1000 h
5 kWh
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