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Osram LEDCOMFO Flood Light

Osram LEDCOMFO Flood Light


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LEDCOMFO® Flood is the new generation of lighting solutions that provides wide-area illumination in outdoor applications. The fixtures deliver high-quality light based on the die-casting body with special details design. The full range of power from 30W to 110W can meet most of the application requirements and also provide excellent lighting performance.

Rigidness & safety
• Die-casting body provides a good look and feel
with high quality
• Improved safety protection level on stainless
steel clips of four corners
• Optimized thermal management based on
PCB reinforced design of the lighting source
• 30,000hrs lifetime
• IP65 rating
Comfort lighting experience
• Optimized optical design brings high uniformity
without a ripple on the illumination boundary
• Imported LED provides consistent color
• High efficacy 90 lm/W
• CRI80 for outdoor application
• Wide beam angle 110°
Improved product texture with special details
• Tempered glass cover design
• Precise illumination angle control with angle
readable clips
Full range for all applications
• Full power range 30W/50W/70W/110W
• CCT 3000K/4000K/5700K for choices
• Clips adjustable range from +60° to −160°
• Warehouses
• Workshops
• Public areas
• Outdoor billboards

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