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OPPLE MX D1 White designer Ceiling Light

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OPPLE MX D1 White designer Ceiling Light is one of the most stylish designer ceiling lights and looks super executive and attractive in any space installed. The LED light source is designed to serve for long time. The bright white light diffuses evenly without creating any dark spots or shadows.

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Model Description Diameter Finish/glass/ Lamp lm Gear and lamp
OPL MX6565 D1 72 0 5 18 77W 57 30K MX6565-D1*72+0.5*18-RS CLOUD 5700K 3000K Ceiling Fixture  650x650 Ht140mm w/acrylic diffuser 77W(72x1W) LED + 18x0.5W LED  WLED WDR
OPL MX9965 D1 108 0 5 36 5700K 3000K MX9965-D1+108+1+36 3000K 990x650 Ht140mm w/acrylic diffuser 120W 5700+3000K WLED WDR