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OPPLE MX D0/D1 designer Ceiling Light

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Opple MX D0/D1 designer Ceiling Light is extremely stylish and classy, it elevates the beauty of installed space instantly. The modern ceiling light is highly efficient and has long lifespan. Install this cool ceiling light and definitely expect compliments from guests. 

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For datasheet click here.

For datasheet click here.

Model Description Diameter Finish/glass/ Lamp lm Gear and lamp
OPL MX4040 D0 5 64 33W 4K O BLUE HC4040 33W 4000K U JOY Ceiling Fixture, 2000Lm, CRI80 400x400 Ht100mm ocean blue w/acrylic diffuser 33W 4000K WLED WDR
OPL MX420 D0 5 32 19W 4K O BLUE HC420 19W 4000K U PLUS Ceiling Fixture CRI80 D420 Ht80mm ocean blue trim w/acrylic diffuser 19W 4000K 1200Lm WLED WDR
OPL MX5050 D0 5 100 49W 4K ORG HPL5050 49W 4K U Joy Ceiling Fixture 550x500 Ht max110mm orange  49W 4000K/3200Lm WLED WDR
OPL MX530 D1 40 34W 4K O BLUE HC530 34W 4000K U PLUS Ceiling Fixture CRI80 D530 Ht100mm ocean blue w/acrylic diffuser 34W 4000K/2000Lm WLED WDR