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OPPLE LED U2 T8 Tube ,double end, long lasting LED tubelight x10PCs

OPPLE LED U2 T8 Tube ,double end, long lasting LED tubelight x10PCs

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OPPLE is one of the leading brands that produces amazing designs in LED lights. OPPLE LED U2 T8 Tube has long life time of 15000 hrs, it saves upto 50% of energy, no flicker, has got multiple choices of color temperature and is a safe petented design of end switch.

OPPLE patented design one switch on the tube end plug type. The switch must be “OFF” when the user installing OPPLE U2 T8 and ensure one end is disconnect with electricity when the other end was installed. This design could effectively avoid the electric shock risk.

Flicker Free Light that works for you.

OPPLE’s LED T8 Tube is flicker free, meaning it provides ideal ambient light. In places
where people spend long periods of time exposed to artificial light, such as libraries,
offices, hospitals, and schools, light flicker can have an impact on health and well being.
Without flicker free people may suffer headaches from light flicker. OPPLE’s flicker free
solution ensures people oriented light that works for you.

SKU Item Color Lumen Rated Power
CODE Description Temperature (Lm) (W)
140061619 LED-U2-T8-600mm-9W-3000K-Glass-dbl-CT 3000K 800 9
140061620 LED-U2-T8-600mm-9W-4000K-Glass-dbl-CT 4000K 800 9
140061621 LED-U2-T8-600mm-9W-6500K-Glass-dbl-CT 6500K 800 9
140061622 LED-U2-T8-1200mm-18W-3000K-Glass-dbl-CT 3000K 1600 18
140061623 LED-U2-T8-1200mm-18W-4000K-Glass-dbl-CT 4000K 1600 18
140061624 LED-U2-T8-1200mm-18W-6500K-Glass-dbl-CT 6500K 1600 18



LED-U2-T8-600mm-9W-xx00K-Glass Shipping carton box 25 705 × 205 × 210 mm 5.25 kg
LED-U2-T8-1200mm-18W-xx00K-Glass Shipping carton box 25 1315 × 205 × 210 mm 9 kg

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