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OPPLE Ecomax Filament Dim A60 E27 LED Bulb- Vintage style Delight

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Install OPPLE ECOMAX FILAMENT LED bulb in your living room, bedroom, restaurants, drawing room etc to get the vintage and rustic look to the installed space. The product can be installed as part of home decor to elevate the look of your room.

Optical parameters  
Color Temperature 2700K
Lumen 500lm / 850lm / 880lm 
Beam angle  360D
CRI(Ra) 80
Electrical parameters  
Input voltage range(VAC) 220V-240V
Input frequency(Hz) 50/60Hz
 input Current(A) 35/51/62
Efficacy(lm/W) 111/121/110

Rated wattage(W)(Ta 25℃)


Height 110 mm
Diameter 60 mm