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Neuton Power Sealed MF Battey (VRLA AGM Battery)

Neuton Power Sealed MF Battey (VRLA AGM Battery)


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Technical Details

Datasheet for NP1290M

Datasheet for NP1232M

Datasheet for NP645M

Datasheet for NP12120M

Datasheet for NPL1255

Datasheet for NPL1275

Datasheet for 12V 120AH NPL12120S

Datasheet for 12V 200Ah NPL12200


Neuton power NP series value regulated lead-acid batteries are designed with AGM( Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak-proof, and maintenance-free.


A list of some of the common applications for standby or principal power is given below:

  • UPS
  • Telecom systems
  • Solar systems
  • Cable TV
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Power station
  • Marine equipment
  • Military Equipment
  • Golf car
  • Electric fork
  • Emergency power system
  • Railway system


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