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MEGAMAN LED Converters & Transformers (DC 16-24V, C350mA)

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Electrical Data
Mains Input Voltage (V) 230
Input Voltage Range (V) 220-240
Output Voltage (V) DC 16-24
Output Current (mA) 350
Power Factor (λ) >0.9
Product Data
Product Wattage (W) n/a
Ambient Temperature Range (Ta) -30°C to +40°C
Maximum Casing Temperature (Tc) 85°C
Weight (g) 102
Performance Data
Rated Life (hrs) 50000
Product Dimensions
Length (mm) 62
Width (mm) 46
Height (mm) 20
Push-in Terminals (mm2) 0.75-1.5
Fixing Bracket for Screws M4