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MEANWELL PWM Series Constant Voltage Power Supply

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Technical Details

Datasheet for PWM-40W

Datasheet for PWM-60W

Datasheet for PWM-90W


  • Constant voltage PWM style output with frequency 1.47 kHz
  • Plastic housing with class II design
  • Built in active PFC function
  • Class 2 power unit
  • No load power consumption <0.5 W
  • Fully encapsulated with IP67 level
  • Function: 3 in 1 dimming (dim to off);DALI
  • Typical lifetime >50000 hours


  • LED strip lighting
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • LED decorative lighting
  • LED architecture lighting
  • Type "HL" for use in class I , Division 2 hazardous(classified) location

Model Encoding:

PWM-60-24[ ]

PWM------>Series name

60---->Rated wattage

24--->Rated output voltage{12/24/36}

[ ]---->Function options