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MEANWELL IRM Series Single-Output Encapsulated-Type Power Supply

MEANWELL IRM Series Single-Output Encapsulated-Type Power Supply


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Technical Details

Datasheet for IRM-30W

Datasheet for IRM-45W


  • 2.74''x1.54''compact size
  • PCB,chassis or screw terminal mounting version
  • Universal input 85~305VAC
  • No load power consumption<0.1W
  • EMI Class B without additional components
  • Wide operating temp. range -30~70℃
  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Isolation Class Ⅱ
  • Over voltage category Ⅲ
  • Pass LPS


  • Mechanical equipment
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Hand-held electronic device


IRM-30 is a 30W miniature (69.5*39*24mm} AC-DC module-type power supply, ready to be soldered onto the PCB boards of various kinds of electronic instruments or industrial automation equipments. This product allows the universal input voltage range of 85~305VAC. The 94V-0 flame retardant plastic case and the fully-potted silicone enhance the heat dissipation and meet the anti-vibration demand up to 5G; moreover, it provides the fundamental resistance to dust and moisture.

With the high efficiency up to 90% and the extremely low no-load power consumption below 0.1W, IRM-30 series fulfills the worldwide regulation for the low power consumption requirement for electronics. The entire series is a Class Ⅱ design (no FG pin}, incorporating the built-in EMI filtering components, enabling the compliance with EN55032 Class B; the supreme EMC features keep the end electronic units from

electromagnetic interference. In addition to module-type model, IRM-30 series also offers the screw terminal style model (ST}.

Model Encoding:

IRM-30-12[ ST ]

IRM---->Series name

30---->Rated wattage

12---->Output Voltage

ST---->{ Blank: PCB mounting style ,  ST: Screw terminal style }

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