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MEANWELL IDLV Series Constant Voltage Power Supply

MEANWELL IDLV Series Constant Voltage Power Supply


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Technical Details

Datasheet for IDLV-45W

Datasheet for IDLV-65W


  • Constant Voltage PWM style output with frequenc y1KHz
  • Plastic housing with class II design
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • No load power consumption<0.5W(Blank-Type)
  • Function options: 2 in 1 dimming (dim-to-off) Auxiliar yDC output
  • LED strip lighting
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • LED decorative lighting
  • LED architecture lighting

Model Encoding:


IDLV---->Series name

45---->Rated wattage

A----->Function options

12----->Rated output voltage(12/24/36/48/60V)


1. All parameters NOT speciall ymentioned are measured at 230VAC input, rated current and 25 °C of ambient temperature.
2. De rating ma ybe needed under low input voltages. Please
refer to STATIC CHARACTERISTIC sections for details
3. Length of set up time is measured at cold first start. Turning ON/OFF the driver ma ylead to increase of the set up time.
4. Aux. 12V will be damaged with short circuit; It will not be available with dimming off or output no load condition.
5. The driver is considered as a component that will be operated in combination with final equipment. Since EMC performance will be
affected b ythe complete installation, the final equipment manufacturers must re-qualif yEMC Directive on the complete installation again.
6. The ambient temperature derating of 3.5 /1000m with fanless models and of 5 /1000m with fan models for operating altitude higher than 2000m(6500ft)


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