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Hakkon Inground / Underwater LED Light

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Model:  HIG 8320 SS316 

Eco-friendly LED technology along with energy savings and free of maintenance.  


Decorative or guide lighting in halls, foyers, corridor, hallway, garden, park and commercial applications.  Stainless steel 316 body and top plate will not corrode in any outdoor location.


Stainless steel 316 body with PP recessed housing. Hardened frosted or clear glass cover.   

Beam angle

Standard wide beam with frosted glass cover.

On request beam angles of 15, 25 and 35 deg. With clear cover.


1 x 1.2W TS Osram GP LED, 350mA

1 x 2W Philips Rebel Es, 500mA

1 x 3W Philips Rebel Es, 700mA


2700K or 3000K

 Comes with driver. Remote mounted in dry area.  Connection one driver to one light or one driver to up to 6 to 12 lights in series connection.