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ELT eBLUE Trailing Edge

ELT eBLUE Trailing Edge

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eBLUE TRAILING EDGE is an eBLUE enabled high quality trailing edge dimmer for dimmable mains voltage powered loads. It can be installed behind a traditional wall switch, into the casing or the celling connection of a luminaire.

Additional Information:

IP20 equipment.

Class II electrical protection.

For built-in use.

Very small size for easy luminaire installation.

No need for additional new wiring, controllers or external gateways.

Wirelessly controllable with a smart device (smartphone, tablet...).

Intuitive and visual app for smartphones / tablets.

Available for free on Apple Store / Google Play.

Forms automatically a fast and secure wireless mesh network with other eBLUE devices (up to 127 units/network).

Used for high quality dimmable LED bulbs.

Used for high quality dimmable CFL bulbs.

Used for high voltage halogens.

Used for dimmable AC LED modules.

Used for trailing edge dimmable LED drivers.

Use timers to turn on and off scenes at predetermined times.

Dimming and scenes control through standard on/ off wall switches (SwS) and motion sensors.

Cloud service that enhances user experience.

Device firmware can be updated over-the-air.

Max. terminal section area 0,5-1,5 mm2.

Technical Cahracteristics:

Ref. No. Input VoltageVac Maximum currentA High voltage halogen lampsW110 Vac230 Vac High quality dimmable LED bulbsW High quality dimmable CFL bulbsW Trailing edge dimmable LED driversW Max. temp. at tc pointtc (ºC) Operating temp.ta (ºC)
eBLUE TRAILING EDGE 9953071 85-240 65 70     150 50 50 50 65 -20…+45  



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