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ELT eBLUE 0-10V/DALI Wireless Control Device|

ELT eBLUE 0-10V/DALI Wireless Control Device|

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Wireless control device for led,fluo, hid and halogen control gears with 0-10v,1-10v or dali dimming interface. wirelessly controllable with a smart device.

Additional Information:

The control output can be configured either as analog 0-10V (1-10V) or digital stand-alone DALI control interface.

IP20 equipment.

For built-in use.

Very small size for easy luminaire installation.

No need for additional new wiring, controllers or external gateways.

Wirelessly controllable with a smart device (smartphone, tablet...).

Intuitive and visual app for smartphones / tablets. Available for free on Apple Store / Google Play.

Forms automatically a fast and secure wireless mesh network with other eBLUE devices (up to 127 units/network).

Configurable analog (0-10V) or digital (DALI stand-alone) output. Default control mode: DALI stand-alone.

Easily implemented RGB and Tunable White solutions.

Controllable switched mains output.

Use timers to turn on and off scene at predetermined times.

Dimming and scenes control through standard on/off wall switches (SwS) and motion sensors.

Cloud service that enhances user experience.

Device firmware can be updated over-the-air.

Max. terminal section area 0,75-1,5 mm2.

Destacar product.

Technical Characteristics:


  Ref. No. Input VoltageVac Maximum currentA Voltage rangeVdc Maximum sink/source currentmA Bus voltageVdc Shorcut currentmA Max. number of drivers connectedpcs Operating frequenciesGHz Max. temp. at tc pointtc (ºC) Operating temp.ta (ºC)
eBLUE 0-10V/DALI 9953070 220...240 0,6 0...10 7 9...12 7 1 2,4…2,483 70 -20…+50


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