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CZ Full Plastic Explosion-Proof LED (Emergency) Linear Light-ATEX APPROVED

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Product Details:

  • Ex mark:Ex db eb mb op is q ⅡCT6/T5 Gb Ex tb ⅢC T80℃/T85℃ Db
  • Intended use:Can be used in zone 1,zone 2,zone 21 and 22
  • Ambient temperature use:-25℃≤Ta≤+50℃/+55℃
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Rated voltage:100~250V AC
  • Power factor:λ>0.95
  • Color temperature: 5700K
  • Terminals:L1,L2,L,N,PE,each terminal 2 ×1.5-10mm2
  • Cable entry:Moulded plastic 1×M25×1.5 cable gland
  • Outside diameter of cable: Φ8-17mm Moulded plastic 2×M25×1.5 s


The enclosures of full plastic explosion-proof LED (emergency) linear light fittings (pole mounting) are manufactured by glass fiber reinforced polyester and the transparent parts are manufactured by anti-ultraviolet polycarbonate. They have good protection ability from various chemical matters in factories or offshore platform because of high stability and mechanical strength. The sealing gasket between the enclosure and the transparent parts are compacted by the interlock device. The isolation switches are operated by the interlock devices. When the isolation switch is switched off, the cover can be opened. The internal configuration independent certification of Explosion-proof power supply module, explosion-proof inverter module, With the function of constant current output and over temperature protection function. LED light source module adopts the latest LED high photosynthetic efficiency particles, the luminous intensity and color rendering performance are excellent. Used for illuminating in the circuit of 100-250V AC, 50/60Hz. Suitable for explosive gas and dust environment do as the ordinary lighting or Emergency lighting.

Full plastic Explosion-proof LED linear light fittings mounting ways: Ceiling type, Chain type, Pendant type, Wall type and Clamp type.

Full plastic Explosion-proof LED linear light fittings (pole mounting) mounting ways: Platform fence type. Platform flange type, Wall type.

The structural design is never distortion and its protection degree is up to IP66.

With interlock device, the transparent parts and enclosure can not energize to work ensure safe use before completely close.

The emergency type has the indication of fault signal, the charging signal, the discharging signal.