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CZ Explosion Proof Led 2x30W Panel Light

CZ Explosion Proof Led 2x30W Panel Light

SKU SKU:CZ1362/23-2LED30W1-K-B+

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Descriptions: Explosion-proof (emergency) LED linear light fittings are manufactured by carbon steel, stainless steel 304/316L, and the transparent parts are manufactured by toughened glass. They have good protection ability due to their high stability and high mechanical strength. There are sealing gaskets between the enclosure and transparent parts. The lights have functions of interlocking compaction device and automatic power off. They will be automatically powered off when opening the glass cover and be energized to work when closed. They can be working in a circuit of 100-250V, 50/60Hz.

The separately certified explosion-proof power supply module and explosion-proof inverter module inside have the function of constant current output and over-temperature protection. With the latest high-efficient LED chips, the LED light source module has excellent luminous intensity and color rendering performance. Emergency ones have indicators of fault, charging, and discharging. Mounting accessories available in adjustable brackets and inserting brackets. Degree of protection up to IP66. IECEX and ATEX certified.

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