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CZ Elite CZ1362/23-LED2026WWB5B-17-K-B2+D8743/223 LINEAR (2xLED26W, with limit switch, Recessed Mounting)

CZ Elite CZ1362/23-LED2026WWB5B-17-K-B2+D8743/223 LINEAR (2xLED26W, with limit switch, Recessed Mounting)

SKU SKU:CZ1362/23-LED2026WWB5B-17-K-B2+D8743/223

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Explosion-proof(emergency)LED linear light fittings are manufactured by carbon steel, stainless steel 304/316L and the transparent parts are manufactured by toughened glass. They have good protection ability. Explosion-proof LED liner light fittings adopts modular design with mechanical interlocking device. Through the built-in explosion-proof limit switch, the cover opening and power-off function is realized. The LED light source module, power supply module and other ex components(U certificate)are installed inside, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and replacement.

Explosion proof emergency LED liner light fittings are equipped with emergency lighting power module and battery module to realize emergency lighting function and built-in mechanical interlock switch to realize cover opening and power off function. Explosion-proof LED liner light fittings changes the lighting demand of the lamp through the dimming control system to achieve green energy-saving lighting.

-Mounting accessories available in adjustable brackets and recessed brackets.
-It is equipped with an interlocking mechanism. When the transparent cover and the shell are not completely closed and sealed, it cannot be powered on to ensure safe use.
-Emergency ones have indicators of fault, charging and discharging.
-LED light source module available two optical design, which beam angle is 55° and 110°.
-LED power module has over-temperature protection, over -voltage protection and short-circuit protection functions.
-Degree of protection up to IP66.
-IECEX and ATEX certified.
-Can be customized high linghting effect light source, which over 135lm/W(comply to China leve 1 energy efficiency standard)
-LED linear lighting with dimming range 0-10V.

IP Rate : IP66

Rated voltage : AC100 ~ 250V 50/60Hz, DC 100~250V

Light sourec : LED

Colour temperature : Standard 5000K,(Optional 3000K, 4000K, 6500K)

High power factor / low harmonic : > 0.9, < 15%

Dimming range: 10% - 100%, Lighting can be turn off Isolated 0-10V dimming




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