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[China]Streamer LED Emergency Power Kit YH33-103BLi Constant Power x10Pcs

[China]Streamer LED Emergency Power Kit YH33-103BLi Constant Power x10Pcs


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Technical Details:



Product description

- LED Emergency converter that can transfer standard LED fitting into emergency LED fitting.

- Used with LiFePO4 battery

- Suits for LED fitting with external LED driver

- Accessary test switch and charge indicator


-Use in damp and dry environment.

- For use on a wide range of LED fittings to convert them from standard to emergency fitting.

- LED fitting would be maintained emergency LED fitting if standard (main powered) driver, emergency lighting kit and battery are all retained in the circuit. LED fitting would be non-maintained emergency LED fitting if only emergency lighting kit. and battery are retained in the circuit.

- Additional Relay that can control standard LED driver.

- Deep discharge protection.

- Connector between emergency kit and battery has the function of polarity reversal protection.

- Ambient range ta 0....50℃

- IP20 protection, relies on end-product enclosure for protection against accidental contact live parts.

- Not intended for use in luminaries for high-risk task area lighting.

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