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[China] MADRIX ® 5 KEY - Control System

[China] MADRIX ® 5 KEY - Control System

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MADRIX ® 5 KEY offers high-quality products for lighting control.
Simply combine software and hardware as needed, use individually, or combine flexibly with other tools.


Item Name Description

MADRIX ® 5 KEY entry (入门版)


8*512 DMX channels and 128*128 DVI Voxels



MADRIX ® 5 KEY basic (基础版)


32*512 DMX channels and 512*512 DVI Voxels



MADRIX ® 5 KEY professional (专业版)


128*512 DMX channels and 1024*1024 DVI Voxels



MADRIX ® 5 KEY ultimate (终极版)


512*512 DMX channels and 2048*1024 DVI Voxels




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