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[China] Linear Waterproof LED Wall Washer-W55A Series

[China] Linear Waterproof LED Wall Washer-W55A Series


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(Control mode:Independent mode/Master/Slave mode/DMX / RGB or Steady)


This product is mainly used for decorating and highlighting in building frame, garden, etc. It can work in independent mode and DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady ,seven color jumping synchronously etc. DMX256 class gray degree dimmer, DMX programable thousands of effects. available if many lights being connected together);


A. Structure:

A-1. Specification :

Material of Shell: Aluminum alloy/6063

Rotary angle: 180°

Input Voltage: 100~277V AC

Operating Voltage: 24V DC

Protection Rating: IP65

Operating Temperature: -20 -40 ℃ ℃

B. Working Mode

B-1.Independent Mode:Choose the build-in programs via the buttons on the end cover.

B-2.DMX Mode:International standard DMX512 signal(IP68 connector).

B-3.Master/Slave Mode:Auto online and synchro working.

B-1.Mode indépendant: Choisissez les programmes de construction en passant par les boutons sur la

B 2 Mode DMX signal de norme internationale DMX512 connecteur Ip68 -. : ( ).

B 3 Mode maître / esclave: Auto en ligne et travail synchro.

C. Photometrics Parameters

C-1. Cadela distribution       LWW-W55A-L10



Product Name Description
LWW-W55A-18P-L500-DMX LED wall washer,W55A type, L560*W53* 105Hmm, 18pcs(R:6,G:6,B:6) power LEDs/1W; independent and DMX mode available, IP65,100-240VAC;10°,20°,45 °,15X50° lens optional,ETL approval,Max.20W
LWW-W55A-36P-L1000-DMX LED wall washer,W55Atype, L1100*W53* 105Hmm, 36pcs(R:12,G:12,B:12) power LEDs/1W; independent and DMX mode available, IP65,100V~240V;10°,20°,45 ° ,15X50° lens optional,ETL approval,Max.40W
LWW-W55A-9P-DMX(1FT) LED wall washer,W55A type,V3.0; L305xW53xH105mm,silver housing, 9P,1W,RGB,1LA5,15°,30°,45°;90-277VAC,DMX512,IP65,ETL approval,1.5M naked power wire,Max.12W
LWW-W55A-18P-DMX(2FT) LED wall washer,W55A type,V3.0; L610xW53xH105mm,silver housing, 18P,1W,RGB,1LA5,15°,30°,45°;90-305VAC,DMX512,IP65,ETL approval,1.5M naked power wire,Max.20W
LWW-W55A-36P-DMX(4FT) LED wall washer,W55A type,V3.0; L1220xW53xH105mm,silver housing, 36P,1W,RGB,1LA5,15°,30°,45°;90-305VVAC,DMX512,IP65,ETL  approval,1.5M naked power wire,Max.40W


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