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[China] LED Pixel Module (LPM)- R60 Series/IP65/RGB/CE x 100Pcs

[China] LED Pixel Module (LPM)- R60 Series/IP65/RGB/CE x 100Pcs


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LED Pixel Module - R60A/B Series/IP65/RGB/CE/The diamond PC Cover+ Die cast Al. /LED SMD/RGB 5050(3in1) Control mode:Video


LPM-R60 can be arranged into any forms to provide the designers or architects various options for their concepts, both indoors and outdoors, easily realizing point-by-point control via offline control or PC based. Grace series is useful for video wall, decorative lighting, outline light, high-resolution irregular or regular display screen.

A. Products information:

A-1. Parameters:

Materials Of Shell : Alum.housing+prism transparent PC cover(C1)
                              Alum.housing+The diamond PC cover(C2)
Operating Voltage:24V DC
Protecting:IP65 Temperature:-20℃~40℃


ITEM NO/       产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述
LPM-R60A-10-DMX LED Pixel module,R60A type, D60xH20mm,transparent PC cover,10pcs SMD 5050/RGB 3in1;3W,IP65,24V DC,DMX control LED像素模组,R60A系列,尺寸:D60xH20mm,透明PC罩,10pcs 5050 LEDs/RGB 3in1;3W, IP65,24V DC,DMX控制模式,
LPM-R60B-10-DMX LED Pixel module,R60Btype,D60xH45mm,diamond PC cover,10pcs SMD 5050/RGB 3in1;3W, IP65,24V DC,DMX control LED像素模组,R60B系列,尺寸:D60xH45mm,菱形PC罩,10pcs 5050 LEDs/RGB 3in1;3W, IP65,24V DC,DMX控制模式,


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