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[China] LED BF Series Square Recessed Outdoor Wall Light

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For datasheet click here.

For datasheet click here.

Shifts from China and lead time 2-3 weeks based on quantity.


The product is widely used in the decorative lighting for piazza, restaurants, private villas, garden, conference room, exhibition hall, beautify the area environment, stage bar, shopping mall, parking sculpture, the tourist attractions.

A. Specification

A-1. Structure.

Materials of Shell Aluminum Alloy
ower Factor:>0.97
Power Efficiency:>90%
Protecting Rate:IP65

Operating Temperature:-20℃~45℃



ITEM NO/产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述 Input Voltage/输入电压
LWL-BF3-32-S LED recessed wall washer,L160* W160*H79 mm, 32pcs SMD32835LED,240V,Beam:120°, WW/W,die-casting aluminium body,with black embedded part ,0.5m rubber cable, IP65 LED嵌墙灯,L160* W160*H79 mm, 32个 SMD2835 LED, 240V,Beam:120°, WW/W,压铸铝灯体,带黑色预埋件 ,0.5m 橡胶线,IP65 24V DC
100-240V AC
LWL-BF4-16-S LED recessed wall washer,L106* W171*H65 mm, 16pcs SMD2835 LED,240V,Beam:120°, WW/W,die-casting aluminium body,with black embedded part ,0.5m rubber cable,IP65 LED嵌墙灯,L106* W171*H65 mm, 16个 SMD2835 LED, 240V,120°透镜, WW/W压铸铝灯体,带黑色预埋件,0.5m 橡胶线,IP65 24V DC
100-240V AC
LWL-BF5-16-S LED recessed wall washer, L171* W106* H65 mm, 16pcs SMD2835 LED,240V,Beam:120°,WW/W,die-casting aluminium body,with black embedded part ,0.5m rubber cable,IP65 LED 嵌墙灯, L171* W106* H65 mm, 16个 SMD2835 LED,240V,120°透镜,WW/W,压铸铝灯体,带黑色预埋件 ,0.5m橡胶线,IP65 24V DC
100-240V AC