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[CHINA] Euchips Non-dimmable LED Constant Current Drive x24Pcs

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Datasheet for DPC4-1H100C

Datasheet for DPC6-1H150C

Datasheet for DPC8-1H200C

Datasheet for DPC10-1H250C

Datasheet for DPC12-1H300C

Datasheet for DPC14-1H350C

Datasheet for DPC16-1H400C

Datasheet for DPC18-1H450C

Datasheet for DPC20-1H500C

Datasheet for DPC22-1H550C

Datasheet for DPC24-1H600C


*Stock in China. Lead Time Two Weeks*


●Constant current drive without flicker
●Active power factor correction (PF>0.9)
●High efficiency, long life and high reliability
●Protection: short circuit protection/open circuit protection/overvoltage protection
●Suitable for LED lighting
●Built-in active mode PFC Function