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[China] DMX-SL-KE1 Control System

[China] DMX-SL-KE1 Control System


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Shifts from China and lead time 2-3 weeks based on quantity

  • Light control panel with DMX output
  • 1024 DMX channels
  • Front panel with membrane keyboard
  • 8 scenes can be selected directly
  • 25 pages of 8 scenes = 200 scenes
  • Multi-zone control
  • Fader for color
  • Direct access to the color, intensity and time of a scene
  • Internal clock and calendar
  • Programmable with free PC software
  • Control of scenes and RGB LED lights
  • 8 ports for external triggering
  • Network capable
  • Can be optionally operated via iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Free app
  • Incl. Micro SD card
  • Wall installation in double installation box


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DMX-SL-KE1 Sunlite control box, size: ; USB connection/V2.0; Direct DMX outputs: 512; Ethernet outputs: 2x512; Software:ESA,with  power adapter
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