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[China] DMX Junior Controller

[China] DMX Junior Controller


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This is the led sub-controller,MR-218DW can not be used alone, it must be connected to MR-BF12B Host controller to use.
  • Product Model : MR-218DW
  • Output Port : 8 Ports
  • Protocol : DMX512
  • Control Mode : Sub-Controller

System Features                                                

1. MR-218DW Supports standard DMX512/1990 USITT general protocol and extended
DMX512 protocol;
2. Controller signal output ADRI/PO terminal can achieve DMX512 channel automatic
addressing,Support DMX512AP-N / NB, UCS512, MY7221, WS2821 and other driver
3. MR-218DW Controller addressing signal output compatible differential signals
output,Improve the addressing signal transmission distance, in favor of the project
application for long distance transmission and effective addressing;
4. Three-color independent brightness control,precise adjust the white balance is more
simple and effective;
5. Precision gamma correction algorithm,More in line with the human visual
characteristics, color is more exquisite and rich;
6. Maximum support 120 change frame frequency to ensure that the screen
high-definition display and 3D display needs;
7. Using the Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol transmission stability,he
maximum transmission distance is 100m;
8. LCD display module, to timely display the controller parameters and state;
9. Dual-network interface, which can realize cascade connection between controllers and
automatic inspection of the controller, and the connection status is displayed intuitively through the software;
10. 8-port output, single port output is standard 512-channel, expand protocol load
points by client basis chip characteristics self-testing;
11. Support dual-way backup, the display will not be influenced if a controller is broken or
the network cable is disconnected.;
12. Can set self-adapting 1000M / 100M or forced 100M, to guarantee stability of large


Packing Details:

◆ Box Size: 32.5 x 24.5 x 5.4 CM

◆ Package weight: 1.4 KG

◆ Packaging QTY: 6PCS per Carton


Model No Product Name Specification
DMX-MR-218DW DMX Junior Controller,Iron housing,283*134*45mm, wiring terminals : 8pcs 5pins port ,2pcs RJ45 ports;Output controller channel:8x DMX512 CH,biggest delivery distance is 90m,100-240V AC, with Euorpean Plug; DMX分控控制器,铁质外壳,尺寸;283*134*45mm,接线端子:5Pin端子×8RJ45端口x2,输出控制通道:单口控制DMX 512通道;最大传输距离90M;输入电压;100V~240V AC,配欧洲插头;
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