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[China] Control System CTR Series

[China] Control System CTR Series


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There are 6 groups of RGB output in the controller, with 32 built-in programs, timing on / off function, automatic storage parameters, compatible with international standard DMX512 signal, 6 groups separate DMX address(3 CH). The controller can provide convenience and simple installation and connection in the project. It is used for RGB 12V/24V DC constant driving products (The output voltage of constant voltage products is adjusted by the internal power supply ), it is widely use in the underground light, pool light, built-in ceiling light, strip, spot light.etc.



Size :L322 x W250 x H58 mm

Housing Materials: Aluminum Alloy

Weight:3.13KG Input Volt:100V~240V AC

Working Volt:12V DC /24V DC

Power : 300W(6x50W)(max)/180W(6x30W)(max)


Working Temp.:-20℃~40℃

Working Mode:

1.Independent Mode:Choose the build-in programs via the top buttons.

2.DMX Mode:International standard DMX512 Signal(XLR-3)

3.Master/Slave Mode:Auto Online and synchro working



MODE: Switch function

SET: Switch position (press once then move next)

UP: Digit adding

DOWN: Digit reducing

Time Setting

Press the MODE button to the Time Setting interface as Figure 1; Press the SET button to have the shift setting of Year,Month,Day and time;Press the UP, DOWN button to adjust number

Timing ON/OFF Settings

Press the MODE button to the Timing interface as Figure 2; Press the SET button to have the ON/OFF Timing settings; Press the UP, DOWN button to adjust number.

DMX Address Setting

Press the MODE button to the interface as Figure 3, the address(A,B,C,D,E,F )display on the LCD screen are corresponding to the output port on the controller (1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # ).Press SET button to choose different output port;Press the UP and Down button to the desired address,each port can set as digits less than 512.


CTR-RGB-BOX  LED Controller/RGB, Size:L332*W250* H58 mm, input volt.: 120V/240V AC,Output volt.:12V/24V DC, Output power:144W(12V)/288W(24V), x6 RGB port(24W/48W/port); with DMX512 input and output port, IP20  LED RGB控制器, 尺寸:L332*W250* H58 mm,输入电压.: 120V/240V AC,输出电压:12V/24V DC, 输出功率:144W(12V)/ 288W(24V),  6个输出端(24W/48W)/端); 带DMX512输入和输出端口, IP20 ,3.13KG



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