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[China] Accessories for Spot Light R-Series x4Pcs

[China] Accessories for Spot Light R-Series x4Pcs


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Shifts from China and lead time 2-3 weeks based on quantity

ITEM NO/       产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述
SP-R100A-3P/9P ACC01 Round Shield for SP-R100A,  圆形遮光罩
SP-R100A-3P/9P ACC02 Half Shield for SP-R100A 斜面遮光罩
SP-R120A-6P/18P ACC01 Round Shield for SP-R120A,  圆形遮光罩
SP-R120A-6P/18P ACC02 Half Shield for SP-R120A 斜面遮光罩
SP-R195A ACC01 Round Shield for SP-R195A,  圆形遮光罩
SP-R195A- ACC02 Half Shield for SP-R195A 斜面遮光罩
SP-R225A ACC01 Round Shield for SP-R225A,  圆形遮光罩
SP-R225A- ACC02 Half Shield for SP-R225A 斜面遮光罩
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