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Vossloh Schwabe Type A Aluminium Capacitor

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Datasheet for 8uF

Parallel capacitor with an aluminium casing for fluorescent lamps (T,TC) and discharge lamps (HS, HI, HM) 250V, 50/60 Hz. Type A.

Capacitors VS Capacitor 32mF D45/L90 250V 41058 Vossloh Schwabe 503258

Type A Capacitors with an Aluminium Casing – 250V.
For HS/HI/HM/LS Discharge Lamps.
Type: 503258
Capacity: 32mF / 50mf
Dimension / Lenght mm: 45/90
Mounting: M8 x 10 bolt
Filled / Dry: Dry
Terminal: Push-in terminal
Thermal fuse: -
Approval mark: II

Technical Details of Vossloh-Schwabe Parallel Capacitors
All VS capacitors comply with IEC 61048 A2 (Safety) and IEC 61049 (Operation). Capacitors rated 250V and 280V also bear the ENEC mark.

Nominal voltage
-250V, 50/60 Hz;
-280V, 50/60 Hz;
-450V, 50/60 Hz (dependent on type)


Capacitance tolerance: ±10 %; ±5 %

Temperature range: –40 to +85 °C

Relative humidity load:
-Class F for Type B capacitors
-75 % annual mean
-95 % peak value on 30 days
-Class G for Type A capacitors
-65 % annual mean
-85 % peak value on 30 days

Capacitors must not be subjected to condensation

Failure rates it maximum voltage, current and temperature values are complied with = 1 ‰ per 1000 operating hours

Permissible torque on the base screw:
-M8x10 – 5.0 Nm (aluminium casing)

Split fixing pins with a clearance of 20 mm for plastic casings (side clip)

Optional thermal fuse (Type A capacitors)

Connecting wires:
Parallel capacitors for fluorescent lamps
-Casing diameter 25–30 mm: 0.5-–1 mm2 and IDC terminals for H05V-U 0.5 conductors
-Casing diameter and gt;30 mm: 0.5–1 mm2 parallel capacitors for high-pressure lamps

Casing diameter 25–30 mm: 0,5–1 mm2 and IDC terminals for H05V-U 0.5 conductors

Casing diameter and gt;30 mm: 0.5–1.5 mm2