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SORAA SNAP Lens - 4" Color Filter, 1/4 CTO

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CCT Shift

SORAA SNAP Lens - 4" Color Filter, 1/4 CTO :

CCT SHIFTER SNAP: Use in hospitality and restaurant applications to simulate warm dimming. Create custom colors for festive occasions or brand identity. Single Lamp SKU can be used for multiple color temperatures.

Color Temperature Orange :

Diameter: 84.0 mm

Thickness: 3.1 mm

Magnetic Attach Force: 1.0 lb-F


CCT SHIFTERS LARGE Model # Code Diameter Thickness Lumen Transmissivity Mired Shift
3/4 CTO CCT Shifter AC-E-CC-0003-00-S1 01157 84mm 3.1mm 60% 120
1/2 CTO CCT Shifter AC-E-CC-0002-00-S1 01155 84mm 3.1mm 75% 83
1/4 CTO CCT Shifter AC-E-CC-0001-00-S1 01153 84mm 3.1mm 90% 37



The SNAP SYSTEM accessories Large (for 4" lamps) are compatible with the lamps and Optical Light Engines outlined below. The SNAP SYSTEM are only compatible with SORAA Narrow Spot Lamps and Optical Light Engines. See each accessory data for exact diameter. 

Large (3.3")
OLE/C 30