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Denko Battery Pack for LED lamps and luminaires

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Technical Specifications

Mode of Operation Maintained
Lamp LED Lamps
Min.and Max. DC Voltage DC 5 to 27 Volts
Operating Temperature ta 20-40°C
Mains Supply 230V AC 50/60Hz, Protection against polarity reversal
Power Consumption 3VA
Battery Maintenance-free High Temperature Nickel Cadmium. 4.8V 2.5AH / 4.8V 1.8AH
DC Supply Current 0.4 to 0.5 Amps
Charger Fully automatic
Charging Monitor Ø 5mm Green LED
Recharge Period 24 hrs
Testing Facility Push-off Test-switch for independent testing
Emergency Duration 3 hrs / 2 hrs
Safety Feature Low-voltage cut-off to prevent over-discharge of battery
Construction Electro-galvanised steel casing; epoxy powder coating
Flammability Class Self-extinguishing
Weight Module - 0.24 kg; Battery - 0.37 kg
Compliance IEC 61347-2-7, IEC 61347-2-13, IEC 62384, SS563-2
Warranty 1 year