Seed Design: The Extraordinary Designer Choice

Architecture isn't something that comes to a designer's head on its own. 


Ideas and methods that the designer employs as a platform and vehicle for developing the design can be found beneath even the most abstract and unbuildable designs. 


When we consider ideas like "seeds" we can see how their recovery allows us to use them for new designs and architectural expressions, and so allows us to participate in a dialogue with those who came before us.


In this context, SEED DESIGN is something new to some people and this article might give you clarity on what it is! 


Innovation of Seed Design


A group of architects, designers, activists, and community leaders announced the SEED standard at the Structures for Inclusion conference on March 27 in Washington, D.C. (Social Economic Environmental Design). 


SEED will give direction, evaluation, and certification for the social, economic, and environmental relevance of design initiatives, similar to the LEED green building standards.


History says, Meiric, a creative and determined designer, founded SEED Design in 1991. 


He was confident that he had what it takes to design an entire lighting range that was superior in construction, striking in aesthetics and ground-breaking in concept with just a few sketches.


UFO, his first lamp, was introduced to Europe in 1992. JOJO, a height-adjustable pendant, arrived just a few years later. 

Purpose of Seed Design

Seed Design is dedicated to providing striking modern lighting designs that exemplify simplicity, elegance, and high quality. 


Seed Design contemporary lamps—modern table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lights—are distinguished by their clean and streamlined lines and imaginative materials, which include concrete, steel, silicone, and wood. 


They are based in Taipei, Taiwan. 


Seed Design's own manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China, ensuring that each contemporary lamp design is developed and assembled to the brand's strict standards.


Their lamps reflect Simplicity and Elegance, and what they make with this will last an Eternity, and their ultimate purpose is to delight.


Why do people consider SEED DESIGN lighting?


Before knowing the reason, let’s understand how seed design has impacted millions of lives worldwide in terms of lighting. 


With the changing technology, people are inclined more to creative, convenient and smooth features in their daily lives when it comes to their house interiors. 


Therefore designers and architectures have been coming up with more modern and aesthetic forms of living spaces as well as decorative items that gives user-friendly functionality and elegance to their interiors. 


And to meet people’s needs, Seed Design Lightings were structured that way. 


Its impact has been incredible to date and the reason is that for over 25 years, Seed Design has provided world-class, post-modern lighting solutions to clients all over the world. 


In their designs, Seed Design combines the beauty of basic elegance with the brilliance of user-friendly functionality. The brand offers a broad collection of award-winning lighting solutions, including pendants, table lamps, and outdoor lighting, with sleek, smooth, and polished designs.


Seed Design’s Aesthetics


Seed Design has an uncanny ability to take the simple and elegant and transform it into something remarkable. 


They feature a one-of-a-kind blend of post-modern style with vintage charm. 


Each piece is precisely crafted, emphasising the company's commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 


They aren't afraid to experiment with unusual materials in order to achieve a polished look or improve energy efficiency. 


From mediaeval castles to mythological beings, Seed Design Lighting draws inspiration from the world around them.


The reason behind considering the aesthetics is; generally, products with a pleasing appearance and user interface are thought to be more valued and possessing more attributes.


Our long-term attitudes toward items, and even individuals, are influenced by aesthetic design. That’s why even the lightings industry have noticed this reason and started to implement aesthetic lighting designs for their targeted customers for their houses and buildings.


Furthermore, this particular Seed Design Lighting company has been innovating certain lighting designs that would please customers in every angle keeping aesthetics and user friendly as a major focus. 


Seed Design lighting Items


Seed Design Lighting's Castle Pendant Light is a best-selling classic that exemplifies the brilliance and elegance of good design. 


The Castle Pendant Light has a smooth dome shade made of concrete that evokes the feeling of old castles. 


Concrete not only adds a rich aesthetic texture to the room but also saves energy when compared to other materials. 


Castle Pendant Light 


Seed Design Lighting's Damo Simple Table Lamp is another popular design. This post-modern lamp combines industrial and rustic design elements to create a polished, elegant look ideal for the modern home. Seed Design, once again, uses only the highest quality materials, in this case, metal. Metal is a long-lasting material with a sleek appearance. 


Damo Simple Table Lamp


Seed Design Lighting's Hercules LED Floor Lamp is inspired by Greek mythology. This floor lamp is made of solid steel and has a smooth, polished dome resting on a long arc. A user-friendly appeal is provided by this straightforward design, which includes an adjustable head and a touchpad.


Hercules Led Floor Lamp


The Ling LED Wall Light by Seed Design features geometric designs, vibrant colours, and metallic finishes. 


The mix of frosted glass and steel, inspired by early metal fences encircling balconies and windows in Taiwan, adds a sense of contrast to the contemporary reading light fixture, which becomes a point of curiosity and demands attention. 


Ling is a wonderful choice as an adjustable bedroom wall light because of its 320-degree rotatable and tilt-able shade, which is both functional and elegant.


Ling LED Wall Light


There are numerous Seed Design Lighting choices that are crafted by Seed Design according to your needs that will suit you the best for convenient living. 


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